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It has now already been two months since the children of the BOV Joseph Calleja Children’s Choir started rehearsing for the much anticipated summer concert of the Maltese Tenor on the 19th August 2017.... read more >
Joseph Calleja and Red Electrick deliver another collaboration with 'No One Like You' at the Joseph Calleja Annual Concert in Malta 2016... read more >
Suzanne Vega performs her highest charting hit 'Luka' during the Joseph Calleja Annual Concert in Malta 2016... read more >
The Maltese Tenor Joseph Calleja performs 'Ch'ella mi creda' during the annual Joseph Calleja Concert 2016 in Malta.... read more >
Legendary voice will sing at Maltese tenor’s yearly concert at the Granaries Legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli has hailed Joseph Calleja as “one of the greatest protagonists of the current lyrical scene” as the two prepare to share the stage in Malta next month. “The quality of his vibrato, the sweetness of his timbre, the sensitive […] read more >
by Corinthia Hotels | Joseph Calleja is one of Malta’s most internationally renowned opera singers. Often compared to Italian tenors Pavarotti and Gigli, his is the voice of a generation. Born and raised in Malta, Calleja travels the world but keeps coming back to the island for its beauty, culture and burgeoning music scene. Here, […] read more >
by Opera News | When he speaks of his native country, Joseph Calleja can’t help sounding hyperbolic. “You have seven thousand years of history,” he says. “And it has quite dramatic natural beauty. It also has the intense East–North African light, so painters and photographers love it. Artists tell me that this is like light on steroids.” View […] read more >

Set up on the 25th October 2013, the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation is the brainchild of The Maltese Tenor Joseph Calleja and the Maltese Bank Bank of Valletta. 

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