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Joseph Calleja’s new Verdi album is a glimpse of the future because he takes on five roles he has not yet sung in the theatre, but plans to. His Otello on stage may well lie a lot of years ahead, but the four substantial extracts here – 25 minutes in all – including the Act […] read more >
Joseph Calleja turns 40 years old today. Born on Jan. 22, 1978, the Maltese tenor has risen to the ranks of being one of the greatest singers in the world today. In commemoration of his 40th birthday, here are 40 fun facts about this still burgeoning artist. He was born in Attard, Malta. He was inspired […] read more >
Calleja had his big Hollywood moment as well when he portrayed Enrico Caruso in James Gray’s award-winning film “The Immigrant.” In the scene, which takes place on Ellis Island, he performs an aria from “La Rondine” and introduces Jeremy Renner’s character Orland the Magician. To see photos and learn more about The Immigrant, visit read more >
The fifth edition of the BOV Joseph Calleja Fund Raising Concert is being held on Friday, 27th October 2017 at the prestigious Throne Room at the Grandmaster’s Palace in Valletta. Following the concert, Patrons will... read more >
Meet Clare Ghigo... read more >
Bank of Valletta hosted a reception for the members of the BOV Joseph Calleja Children’s Choir. This year, the event was held at Xara Lodge l/o Rabat.... read more >
Bank of Valletta announced that it will be giving its backing to Cliff Zammit Stevens, who will be organising his 9th solo concert on the 16th September 2017 at Pjazza Teatru Rjal in Valletta. ... read more >

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Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the Patrons of the BOV Joseph Calleja Foundation for their generosity and support. Thank you for believing in the mission of our Foundation.

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Amount of donation for Calendar year in Euro - 25,000
Mr. Alfred Pisani - Corinthia Group (Hon Patron)
Amount of donation for Calendar year in Euro - 5,000
Mr Neville Agius
Mr. & Mrs Nigel Foster
Mr. J P Roed
Mr. Winston V Zahra
Amount of donation for Calendar year in Euro - 3,000
Ms Nathalie Briffa Farrugia
Mr James Drake
Mr. Reinhold & Mrs Ilse Karner (Condor Corporation GMBH)
Mr. Reuben Magro
Mr. Johann Schembri
Dr. Joseph & Mrs Elsie Xuereb
Mr. Winston J Zahra
Amount of donation for Calendar year in Euro - 1,500
Amount of donation for Calendar year in Euro - 500
Mr Robert Aquilina
Mr. Walter Cassar
Mr. Charles Polidano
Mr. Paul Xuereb
Ms. Juliette Bisazza
Mr. Sigmund Mifsud
Mr. Brian Schembri
Ms. Gillian Zammit
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